Do It Yourself Signage Solution

Why should SIGNS Software be your best business partner ?

The signage solution "Signs evolution III" is comprehensive and flexible. Save time

  • No more delivery delays or sales lost while waiting for back orders !
  • No more research needed - More than 11, 050 plant photos & 6, 600 plant variety descriptions already included in one easy functionnal tool + save time with yearly updates offering new varieties !
  • Add a plant or hard good then save forever !
  • Multiple printable choices for each variety without extra work + print your catalog in a simple click of the mouse !

Save money

  • SIGNS will quickly pay for itself when printing your own signs
  • Save on costly thermal printers and print high quality color signs & labels by using a laser printer
  • Print the exact quantities of signs & labels avoiding overstock you may never need
  • Print one plant variety or more on the same label sheet

Increase your sales

  • Increase your sales with high quality professionnal photos of the plants at their best and allow your customers to fall in love !
  • Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let your signs speak for themselves and facilitate your customers’ purchases ! hoosing the right plants for their needs is easy with complete plant information presented in an easy accessible way.
  • Fullfill your customers‘ needs by providing points of interest such as: butterfly or hummingbird attracting, etc.?

Professionalize your image

  • Increase customer service with less employees by supplying on site plant information
  • Distinguish yourself with a professional and constant company image, show your true colors !
  • Reinforce product knowledge required by your seasonal staff (hardiness zones, exposure, etc.)
  • Create interesting color themes for each of your plant categories

11,050 pictures and 6,600 descriptions

With its ever growing database, Signs gives you access to a selection of various plant pictures and descriptions, zones 1 to 12. These are classified into categories: annuals, trees, shrubs, bamboos, bulbs, cacti & succulents, ferns, fruits and berries, grasses, palm trees, aquatic plants, climbing plants, vegetables and perennials.

Plants list  (1.29 Mb)

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